Ruby-Zoisite Tongue-Shaped Pendant

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The most perfect part of this pretty ruby zoisite cabochon is the hexagonal chatoyant ruby crystal cross section on the top left! Shiny, sheeny, shimmering goodness!  This beauty is set in sterling silver and is from our very own Geoclassics jewelry line.

Dimensions: (1.9″ long-with bail)  x  (1.2″  wide)  x  (.24″ thick)
Weight: .71 ounces / 20.1 grams

Ruby-Zoisite (or ruby in zoisite), also called Anyolite, is a natural combination of opaque Ruby (a red variety of corundum (aluminum oxide)) and Zoisite (Calcium Aluminum Silicate hydroxide). Ruby-zoisite is usually speckled with black hornblende minerals. This unique, colorful, ornamental stone is found exclusively in Tanzania, Africa.

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Stone Type:

Ruby in Zoisite



Made in:

Bali, Indonesia


925 Sterling Silver


Green, Mauve, Pink