Fluorite Parrot


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Lovely, banded green and yellow fluorite parrot with carnelian agate beak and eyes. He (or She!) is perched on a large amethyst crystal affixed to a clear acrylic base. Parrot is removable. A Peter Muller production, hand carved in Brazil.

Dimensions: 7.1 x 3.3 x 2.5″
Weight: 1.5 LBS

Fluorite (calcium fluoride) forms almost always in cubes, less commonly as octahedrons, occasionally as globular masses. Its four perfect cleavage planes make cleaving of octahedrons possible. It is primarily used for the fluoridation of water and for toothpaste. Fluorite crystals can glow under ultraviolet rays, hence the word fluorescence. It forms in a great variety of colors—blue, violet, yellow, green, and rarely, pink. Recent discoveries in China of unusually large specimens have enabled artisans to create a variety of carvings that emphasize the inherent beauty of the deep purple, blue, and green banding. Nicknamed “the Genius Stone,” it is associated with the advancement of the mind, concentration, and comprehension.

Peter Muller was born in 1952 in Luzern, Switzerland. He lived in several foreign countries and came to Brazil in 1979, where he started with the production of bird carvings in precious stones in 1984. Married to Teia Vroom in 1987, they started to participate in international fairs in 1990.
Peter has the most advanced carving shop in Brazil where he and his crew are always improving the quality of their creations. Nature teaches Peter and his carving crew to create these beautiful hand-crafted bird carvings out of natural precious stones from all over the world. The charm of
each Peter Muller bird is that no two are alike, each one has been created individually. The mineral bases are all carefully hand-picked from mines in the country where Peter lives now: Brazil. Peter Muller’s bird carvings are an ideal gift for any age group and for generations to come.
A gift that will keep its beauty forever!

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Amethyst, Fluorite