Opal Butte Sphere ~ Oregon

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Pale blue, colorless, and golden-orange Opal Butte opal sphere with areas of  yellow-green, red, rust, pink, and mustard colored rhyolite.   This sphere is from a mine located on privately owned land, 35 miles south of the town of Heppner in Morrow County, northeastern Oregon. It lies on the western slope of Opal Butte, at an elevation of 4700 ft.  This beautiful sphere is magnificent and magical!

Diameter:  5″
Weight:  5.8 lbs

ABOUT OPAL BUTTE – In the southwest corner of the Blue Mountain range in Morrow County, northeastern Oregon, is the site of a large opal mining operation in an area called Opal Butte. The Opal Butte opals occur in rhyolite geodes (also called thundereggs) embedded in decomposed perlite (altered to a pastel clay). These geodes look like regular rocks on the outside but, when broken open, can reveal hidden treasures on the inside! The geodes may contain agate stalactites, banded agate, quartz crystals (rarely), common opal, or various types of gem-quality opal.

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Oregon, USA