Muonionalusta Meteorite Ring with White Topaz and Antiqued Silver Accents


*Available in size 9 or size 10+ (runs a tiny bit large)*


Muonionalusta Meteorite with white topaz and antiqued silver accents on the sides for a glam galaxy effect that is out of this world!  Available in size 9 or 10+ (runs a just a hair over a size 10).

Dimensions (ring face):   (14 mm/.55″ – tall)  x  (19 mm/75″ – wide)  x   (4.3 mm/.17″ – thick)
Weight: approximately 9 grams

Name: Muonionalusta
Type: Iron, IVA
Classification: Octahedrite, fine (0.3 mm) shock-hatched kamacite structure
Country: Sweden
Region: Kiruna, Norrbotten
Observed fall: No
Year found: 1906

This meteorite displays the Widmanstatten pattern when sliced.

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Muonionalusta -Sweden-


10+ (runs a little large), 9