Emerald Beetle Pin


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This beautiful brooch was crafted (with brass) from the preserved body of  a Sternocera aequisignata beetle (also known as an Emerald Beetle) from the forests of Northern Thailand.  Famous for their iridescent, metallic green exoskeleton, these beetles are ethically raised and, after living their full life cycle then collected and used for traditional jewelry. They are also collected by local people as a food source. Considered good luck, they are traditionally worn by Thai hill tribes.

Dimensions (approximate):  (1.8″/46 mm – long) x (.94″/24mm – wide) x  (7″/17mm – thick)
Weight: (approximate): 5.1 grams

Yes, the Earrings are also available for sale!  https://geoclassics.com/product/emerald-beetle-wings-earrings/


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