Titanium Coated Jasper Arrowhead Ring ~ Adjustable Size


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From our very own Geoclassics jewelry line, this marvelous, magical, titanium coated jasper arrowhead, set in sterling silver, is sure to mesmerize!

Dimensions of arrowhead:  (33 mm/1.3″- tall)  x  (19.8 mm/.78″ – wide)  x  (6.86 mm/.27″ – rise from band)
Weight:  7.9grams
Ring Size:  Adjustable

JASPER is the opaque, cryptocrystalline variety of quartz (silicon dioxide-Si02).
TITANIUM (ti), is one of the strongest metals known to man.

This brilliant color is the result of part-nature and part-science. This natural jasper arrowhead has been treated in a special process called Magnetron Ionization. In this process, the jasper is placed in a vacuum chamber in which titanium, combined with oxygen, is introduced and the two are bonded together at a molecular level. The process uses only electricity to deposit the titanium layers. This results in a permanent, iridescent color effect on its surface. The brilliant color is the result of optical interference effects produced by the varying layers of titanium. Since only electricity is used to create these colors, very little heat is involved and the integrity of the jasper is maintained. The method in no way harms the environment with hazardous chemicals or byproducts.                                                                                 TO CLEAN titanium coated jasper: Dirt, dust, and grease will cause the the surface to appear dull. Don’t fret! Simply wash with with water and a mild soap (if it’s just dusty, you may only need water). Avoid using any abrasives. Let air dry or blot dry with a clean soft cloth or a paper towel. Your specimen will be restored to its original beauty and brightness!




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925 Sterling Silver

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Bali, Indonesia


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