Blue Chalcedony Horse Head Pendant


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Beautiful blue chalcedony horse head, its mane blowing wildly in the breeze…. set in sterling silver.  From our very own Geoclassics jewelry line!

Dimensions:   (1.8″/41.5 mm ~ long-with bail)  x  (1.26″/32mm ~ wide)  x  (.34″/8.7mm ~ thick)
Weight:  .35 ounces/10 grams

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica.  Its standard chemical structure is that of Quartz (SiO2 (silicon dioxide)).  It can be semitransparent to translucent and has a waxy luster.  It is found in  several different forms, including onyx, agate, and jasper.  Blue Chalcedony is rare variety of chalcedony.  The beautiful blue hue of the stone occurs because of the “Tyndall effect”, which is defined as light scattering by colloid sized particles.

A creative stone, Blue Chalcedony is said to impart mental flexibility and improve memory. It is also thought to bring feelings optimism and improve self-perception.


Additional information

Stone Type:

Blue Chalcedony



Carved In:



925 Sterling Silver

Jewelry is made in:

Bali, Indonesia