Fossil Oreodont Skull ~ Merycoidodon gracilis


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This tiny, terrific oreodont skull fits in the palms of your hands!

Dimensions:  3.9″ long  x 2.3″ tall x  1.4″ thick
Weight:   .39 lbs

Genus / Species:   Merycoidodon gracilis
Age:  Oligocene (approximately 30 million)
Formation:  Brule
Location:  Niobrara County,  Wyoming

Merycoidodon is an extinct genus of herbivorous artiodactyl of the family Merycoidodontidae, more popularly known by the name Oreodon (or Oreodont). It was endemic to North America during the Middle Eocene to Middle Miocene existing for approximately 30 million years.