Rhodochrosite House & Tree Scenic Carving

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A scenic tree and house hand carved out of rhodochrosite.
Dimensions: 102 x 77 x 80 mm
Weight: 339.6 grams

This pink to rose red mineral is an ore of manganese mined almost exclusively in Capillitas, a remote Andean region of Argentina. The mine was uncovered in 1938 by explorer Franz Manfiel who found, entombed in the mine, an Inca mummy holding an amulet of rhodochrosite in its hand. The Incas, while working this mine in the 13th century for copper and silver, discovered the stone that came to be known as the “Inca Rose”. They believed that the blood of their unforgotten rulers had turned to stone. Crystals are usually small and very rare. Rhodochrosite is a body harmonizer and works best over the solar plexis, freeing the flow of energy through the body.

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