Purple Dichroic Glass Cleopatra Necklace


Cleopatra style necklace with brilliant rainbow purple dichroic glass on an 18 inch rhodium plated cable chain. Seven removable pieces allow several design options for the wearer. Earrings (not shown) are made at the same time as the necklace to ensure a perfect match. This beautiful statement necklace is designed and made in America.




Dichroic glass, first developed for scientific applications such as lasers and space mirrors, is achieved when vaporized metal oxides are deposited in microscopically thin layers using a specialized vacuum chamber. The type of metal oxides and the number of layers determines the final color. The colors are produced from light being bent in a prism effect, exactly like what occurs in rainbows. Unlike dyes or pigments, which absorb 50% of light, about 95% of the light is reflected back. Many layers of thin glass are fired in a kiln 4 or 5 times to achieve the right effect. Each firing is a precise temperatures between 1300 and 1450 degrees and can take up to 15 hours, as the glass must heat and cool very slowly.

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Multi-color, Purple