Orbicular Jasper Fish

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Tropical angelfish (perhaps?) carving with drusy geodes and a multitude of orbs.  Affixed to a long oval base.  Beautiful on both sides!

Dimensions:  3.95″  Tall x  4.05″  Wide x  (.95″ (fish) / 1.5″ (base)) Thick
Weight: 289.6 grams

Orbicular jasper, also known as ocean jasper, is an unusual variety of jasper found in Madagascar. Like other jaspers, it is a member of the quartz family, a silicon dioxide material with a hardness 6.5 to 7. Color variations include vibrant shades of green, pink, red, black, brown, orange, yellow, and white. Its patterns are wild with polka dots, wavy lines, banding with scalloped edges, and multi colored florets. It also often forms cavities filled with sparkling drusy quartz crystals. Orbicular Jasper is known as a stone of joy and serenity, and can have a grounding effect. It can also allow for the release of stress and escapism, and help one understand the value of the here and now.

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Stone Type:

Orbicular (Ocean) Jasper



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