Fossil Trilobite ~ Kettneraspis williamsi


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This wonderfully detailed specimen is a spiny trilobite (in its limestone matrix) from the world famous Black Cat Mountain Quarry in Oklahoma. The occipital spine is present, a detail lost on many.  It was carefully, meticulously, expertly prepared by Bob Carroll in 2006 to expose each and every tiny detail.  The Black Cat Mountain Quarry produces a limited amount of trilobites of the finest quality each year.

Genus / Species:  Kettneraspis williamsi
Age:  Early Devonian
Formation:  Haragan
Location:  Black Cat Mountain, near Clarita, Coal County, Oklahoma, USA

Matrix Dimensions: 4″ long  x  2.8″ wide  x  1.2″ thick
Weight:  .63 lbs



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Oklahoma, USA