Ammolite Industrial Pendant by Mercurious Designs


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Amazing Canadian ammolite “Industrial” pendant by the magical, mystical Momo of Mercurious Designs!

Mercurious Designs Sterling Silver collections have a rock ‘n roll hardcore carefree attitude. They are an eclectic blend of contemporary and tribal styles, somehow bold and timeless. Mercurious Designs is the warped brain child of Momo, a native Londoner, who has been refining his craft for over 20 years. He developed a passion for gemstones while exploring caves as a teenager, discovering underground caverns full of crystals, and he went on to study as a silversmith at college. He now has his studio in Bali, Indonesia where all his designs are hand-crafted. His creations are typified by unusual gemstones designed with an ancestral tribal touch welded to a post-industrial future. They are heavily influenced by natural forms and textures, inspired by mineral formations, the underwater world and wildlife. Mercurious gets its name, strangely enough, from Mercury, the planet that rules communication, and the Messenger of the Gods (aka Hermes). Mercury is also known as Quicksilver, the liquid metal that looks like molten silver.

Dimensions:  (2.4″/61mm  long – with bail)  x  (.49″/12.5mm  – wide)  x  (.14″/3.5mm – thick)
Weight:  .33 ounces/9.3 grams

Ammolite originates from the crushed, layered, and fossilized remains of ammonite shells. Ammonites were hard-shelled, squid-like marine animals that existed in the Devonian and Cretaceous periods. The ammonites found in the Bearpaw shale formation in Alberta, Canada, were left behind when the inland sea receded. Layer upon layer of shells were covered with silt and volcanic ash, then crushed and compacted together. This prehistoric debris was then exposed to eons of elemental movement, intense heat, and tectonic pressure, emerging 71 million years later as Ammolite.


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Fossil / Stone Type





925 Sterling Silver


Blue, Green, Multi-color, Orange, Purple