Rhodochrosite Hummingbirds on Quartz Base





Two humming birds hand carved out of rhodochrosite, carnelian, and tourmaline on a quartz base.
Dimensions: 88 x 69 x 104 mm
Weight: 179.8 grams

This pink to rose red mineral is an ore of manganese mined almost exclusively in Capillitas, a remote Andean region of Argentina. The mine was discovered in 1938 by explorer Franz Manfiel who found, entombed in the mine, an Inca mummy holding an amulet of rhodochrosite in its hand. The Incas, while working this mine in the 13th century for copper and silver, discovered the stone which came to be known as the “Inca Rose.” They believed that the blood of their unforgotten rulers had turned to stone. In the 700 year interval, while the mine lay idle, rhodochrosite occurred as stalactite formations identified by a circular pattern in the stone. Crystals are usually small and very rare. Rhodochrosite is a body harmonizer and works best over the solar plexus, freeing the flow of energy through the body.

Quartz (silicon dioxide), one of the most abundant minerals on earth, comprises about 12% of the earth’s upper crust. Usually found in compact masses, it sometimes crystallizes as beautiful “points” easily identified by their six distinct faces. Quartz comes in a variety of colors including purple amethyst, golden citrine, brown smoky, pink rose quartz, and clear rock crystal. Quartz crystals are piezoelectric: When trapped or squeezed, the crystal produces an electrical current from the opposite face. It is this property that has made quartz so important to modern technology, especially electronics and computers. Crystal users believe that by directing one’s mental energy into a crystal one can bring about a sharpening of inner vision and increased psychic and bodily awareness.

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Carnelian Agate, Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Tourmaline